It's all in the breath

once a yogi, always a yogi…

Pattabhi Jois,

is demonstrating a shoulderstand in

front of a curious audience ..


We are Stars

we are made  of stardust, of the cosmos,

of the stuff of where we come from.

-Carl Sagen

The Beatles Ashram

In Rishikesh/India


Pattabhi Jois,

was a student of Krishnamachara from he was 12 years old!

He snake out early in the morning so he could practice with Krishnamachara

before he went to school, without he’s parents knowing what he did.

Guruji stayed with the yoga practice all his life as the only true Path.

He has been a fantastic and inspiring teacher for yogis around the world!

for me to..



Thanks to him we have Asthanga Yoga!

It came from a leaf, and now its all over the world…

That is Love


Ragnhild Lien


O You

Angel of water,

with your intelligence

That fills every drop

in it all

The pulsating artery-vein of Gaya

with your blessing healing

Let us be filled by

the vibrating consciousness

Generosity of love

And bright intuition

From the world water,

that we become

Heavenly insight

To let all of life being

live in harmony with

the spirit power

Inside us.

In the steaming blood

That pulsate

in the drops

you rock

so rythmical

with your

waving flap

Of your wings.


Angelica Rosenstam

La Luna

Lets fly..